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Charlie, also known as King Charles when he’s perched on his throne or CHORLES when he’s being naughty, is a handsome 14+ year old boy.

Charlie spends most of his leisurely existence sleeping in his favourite spot on top of a warm wifi router or basking in the sun on his scratching lounger throne. He is shy with new people and can take a few weeks to warm up to you, but when he does, he’ll let you know by sitting on you when you’re in bed. He has the croakiest of meows, which you’ll only hear when you’re about to feed him and he knows it.

Charlie is occasionally in the mood to play with dangly things (think ID lanyards, ties, and bits of cat grass), but has the attention span of a goldfish and will tire of the fun and games within 5 minutes. He thankfully has not shown much interest in eating houseplants, but did once destroy a bouquet of dried roses perched invitingly on a side table. Having fostered him for 2 months, we’re most proud of him for chasing a fly around the room until it flew out the window, stealing a piece of chicken from an unmonitored lunch plate, and not scratching our new couch (!!!).

He feasts on raw chicken from Raw & Fresh twice a day, and uses corn litter in a side-entry top-exit litter box – the corn litter and specific litter box is important! If he is unhappy he will express his displeasure on your bathroom floor mat (you’ve been warned). His favourite snacks are canned tuna (preferably if you were going to eat it for lunch) and sliced ham, and a taste of everything you have thanks!

Charlie is an ideal apartment cat, in the time he’s been in care he’s only ever inhabited the living room, carers bedroom and lounge window with sun & view. If you are looking for a large, low maintenance cat who’ll keep you company but not bug you non-stop, Charlie the man for the job. Submit an enquiry now!

Charlie is a healthy raw fed older cat who has been on a wormed, flea treated, vaccinated, desexed and microchipped (microchip #956000000629124, source #RE101165). He is available for adoption right now!