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Saved from a hoarder situation, Calhoun and Nairne McHissy came into our care and have shown themselves to be a beautiful bonded pair!
Calhoun was very hesitant about people at first, but has gotten over his anxiety and is now quite the loving boy. His favourite things are food, food, food, pats, food, his sister Caitrin (they are very close) and oh did we say food? Calhoun is still growing and we believe he’s going to grow into his head and paws (which are huge!). With the classic tabby tiger markings, liquorice lips and green eyes, Calhoun is a magnificent specimen of cathood. He and his sister Nairne can usually be found chasing spiders, bugs, balls and that darned laser dot! He’s one big loving tabby tiger who with a bit of patience and time (and food!) will turn into your best friend and love you forever.
Nairne was the shyest of the McHissy tabbies, but she’s come out of her shell and has a lovely gentle loving personality. She adores gentle scritches & pats. Like all the McHissy’s, Nairne has an excellent appetite and loves her food. She has the prettiest white paws and spotty striped tabby markings and soft green/gold eyes. Nairne is developing into a smoochy woochy love cat, she just needs a loving quiet human companion to feel comfortable with and open her heart to.
Are you cut out to be a tiger tamer? Are you looking for a sweetheart with a hint of spice to fill your heart? Are you happy to be patient in return for sweet, loyal love? Are you ready for the perfect mix of playful, smoochy, and spicy teen kittens? Submmit an enquiry now!
Calhoun and Nairne are healthy raw fed kittens who have been wormed, flea treated, vaccinated, desexed and microchipped (Calhoun microchip #953010004915649, Nairne microchip #953010004883197, source #RE101165). They are available for adoption right now! Their adoption fee also includes their second vaccination at one of our rescue vets.