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Twinkles was very badly named, she’s actually a supermeowdel with the personality of Naomi Campbell (alternately charming and cheeky), the thigh gap of Carla Lavigne (yes she’s on the slim side) and the attitude of Linda Evangalista (she’ll love you, but you’ve got to make it worth her while).
This may sound intimidating but that all falls away when Twinkles struts towards you and gives you a big enthusiastic head boop and purrs. Under all that tabbitude is big heart looking for her own special human to bond with. She has been abandoned twice (first owner went into care, second owner passed away) and she craves stability and lots of love.
Twinkles is not a fan of other cats, but grandly ignores the irritating little dog in the house and finds the chickens absolutely fascinating. This means no other cats please, dog ok if it ignores her back, and absolutely no bunnies, guinea pigs, mice, or other pocket pets… this tabby tigress has a very strong hunting instinct. Don’t risk it!
At nine years old, Twinkles is only just middle aged, her teeth are excellent – she just had a dental and lost none – she’s got a decade of purrs, play and cuddles to share with someone. Is it you?

Twinkles is a healthy FIV+ cat who has been wormed, flea treated, vaccinated, desexed and microchipped (microchip #943094320134247, source #RE101165). Twinkles is looking for a one on one foster carer, or foster to adopt situation as well as a forever home. She is available for any of these right now!