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To adopt a cat from Cat People you’ll be required to have a remote or in-person house check done, show photo ID & proof of address, and fill out & sign an adoption contract.
Cats from our group are all are vet checked, flea treated, wormed, vaccinated and desexed before being taken home by their adopters. Additionally, all of our cats have been evaluated for behavioural traits, fed a high-quality raw or prescription diet, and well socialised. Please note: all Cat People cats and kittens are indoor only/restrained to property (cat run, cat proofed fencing), this is not negotiable.

We will communicate with you through every step of the adoption process to ensure that your experience (and the cat’s) is excellent and that you are confident in your decision to adopt a feline companion. Returns are only accepted due to health issues confirmed by a veterinarian.
We only accept adoptions from people with residency in Australia. If you are on a work or student visa, talk to us about fostering instead!