What can Cat People of Melbourne do?


We are an adoption agency, a rehoming service, an advisory service and a support network.

Adoption service: When making an enquiry about any advertised cats through our website, social media or PetRescue, the enquiry will come through to our Adoptions team to process and assess, where we connect adopters to foster carers and cats. We will also utilise our cat-matching service to find the purrfect cats for humans and the purrfect home for our cats. We work for the best outcome for both cats and humans!

Rehoming service: If you know that you will no longer be able to care for your cat, we can with you to find another home for your much loved companion cat. We can assist with any vet work needed, advertise your cat, qualify potential adopters and make sure your cat responsibly rehomed. This process can take up to 6+ weeks. There is currently no fee to surrendering owners for this service, but a donation is always appreciated.

Advisory service: We have dealt with all sorts of problems with our foster cats and cats in general for the last 5+ years, as a result we have a wealth of experience. We can give you general advice and assist with cat-related issues, and provide referrals to veterinarians, vet technicians, behaviouralists, herbalists, naturopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, animal communicators, counsellors and various other animal and welfare professionals.

Support network: We have a support system in place for our network foster carers, and for adopters and associates. We assist with any and all questions they have about cat care or the policies and procedures we have in place to provide the best care for our cats while they’re with us and after adoption. 

What can’t Cat People of Melbourne do?

We cannot accept stray cats. We are a foster care network, not a veterinary clinic, pound or council.

We cannot board your cat in our foster care network. Cat boarding is a domestic animal business and cannot be conducted from a residential premises.

We are not provide a cat trapping service. Please don’t ask as refusal may offend. 

We are dedicated to finding the best outcome for both the cats and the people of Melbourne.