Cat Tails

Cleaning up after your cat

At some point, most of our feline friends will vomit, drool, pee or poop on our carpet, floors, furniture or bedding. What is the best way to clean up after your cat?

Tips for finding your missing cat

If your cat has been missing for several hours, overnight or longer, here are some tips to help you find your furry family member. 

Should you keep your cat indoors at all times?

In short, we say yes! There are many pros to keeping cats indoors at all times – and the few cons can be managed.

Keeping cats cool in summer

Summer is here and there have been some high-temperature days already. What can you do to keep your indoor feline friend cool and healthy during summer?

Top tips for managing a cat allergy

Does your cat make you sneeze? You could be allergic to your cat! Or would you like to adopt a cat but suspect you’re allergic? Read our tips on how to manage your cat allergy.

What you need to know about renting with cats

Are you renting and want to adopt a cat but are unsure what the new rules about having a pet are? Or do you already have a cat and need to find a rental property? We advise you to do 2 things in both of these situations.

Meet your Purrfect Match!

Are you looking for your purrfect match but are unsure about making a lifelong commitment straight away? Then let our experienced match-makers help you find your furever feline friend.

July is National Desexing Month!

July is National Desexing Month. This is an annual initiative of the Animal Welfare League Queensland. Cats can become pregnant from as young as 4 months of age, while they’re still kittens themselves. So, this month is a good reminder of the importance and benefits of desexing your kitten or cat.

Making the difficult decision to surrender a cat

There are many reasons why someone may no longer be able to care for their much-loved cat or kitten. A common situation we experience is being approached by people who have become unwell, are going into residential aged care or have had a family member pass away, and need to find a new forever home for their cat.

Bandito, a very loud and challenging cat!

Bandito (also know as Bandit) is a very loud and challenging cat! Could you be his furever human?