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What can Cat People of Melbourne do?

We work with you to responsibly rehome your personal cat, or assist you with cats that are on your property that are not legally owned by you. We can do this a number of ways:

Owner Rehoming Service: we assist with vet work, advertising and qualifying potential adopters for your personal cat while it stays with you until a suitable adopter is found. There is no charge for this service, but a donation is always appreciated.

Owner Surrender Service: we take your cat into care in our foster care network, assist with vet work, advertise your cat and qualify potential adopters and rehome your cat responsibly for you. There is no charge for this service either, but a donation is always appreciated.

Rescue Referral Service: we refer you to an organisation that can facilitate collecting any stray or injured cats & kittens on your property or at your place of work, and coordinate with you and the organisation to get the strays safely into care.

Trap Loans: we can lend you a trap to catch any stray or injured cats on your property, then advise/organise for them to go through the system and hopefully then into rescue with our group or another organisation. We cannot come out to your property to do trapping, if you need this service, we can refer you to a group or organisation that can do the trapping for you.
We will request a donation for the loan of the trap and require a copy of a photo ID with your current address. Donations are dependent on your financial ability and not an absolute requirement to loan a trap from our group.

We can also advise and assist with cat related issues and problems.
Rescue Advice Service

We can advise you on the best way to help any stray or injured cats or kittens on your property or at your place of work, and where possible assist with this process by putting you in contact with individuals or organisations that can facilitate the cats and kittens off the streets and into care. Where we cannot assist, we will refer you to other groups or organisations that can.

Welfare Advice Service

We deal with all sorts of problems with our foster cats and we have a wealth of experience. We can give general advice and referrals to veterinarians, vet technicians, behaviouralists, herbalists, naturopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, animal communicators, counsellors and various other animal and welfare professionals.

What can't Cat People of Melbourne do?

We cannot accept stray cats. We are a foster care network, not a veterinary clinic, pound or council.

We cannot board your cat in our foster care network. Cat boarding is a domestic animal business and cannot be conducted from a residential premises.

We are dedicated to finding the best outcome for both the cats and the people of Melbourne.