Are you looking for your purrfect match but are unsure about making a lifelong commitment straight away? Then let our experienced match-makers help you find your furever feline friend.

At Cat People of Melbourne, our aim is to find cats for humans and humans for cats. We use our cat-matching service to find your purrfect match – the best fit for you and our cat after considering your personalities, lifestyle, family and homes.

And that is a great start. But sometimes you need to spend quality time together to make that strong connection. So we’re launching our new Purrfect Match campaign!

Love can take time

There are many cats who need our care so we always need to find new foster carers and adopters. And sometimes a foster carer becomes an adopter in what’s affectionately called a ‘foster fail’ – where the carer falls so madly in love with their foster cat that they end up adopting the cat permanently.

Our new campaign aims to give this experience of falling in love over time with a furry companion a chance to blossom.

With our Purrfect Match approach, you and your cat match can see how you get along in the real world and if you are indeed a purffect match, before you make the commitment to adopt them into your family. This will also give you a chance to see how your cat gets along with any children, other cats or pets you’re already a parent to.

The eligible humans and cats are…

You must live in Victoria and be an Australian citizen or permanent resident – other temporary visa holders are encouraged to become foster carers only, as we want to find loving furever homes for our cats. You must be able to keep a cat inside at all times. If you have an enclosed catio such as a balcony or cat run, or a cat-proofed outside area, even better. But if you’ve never had a cat before, that’s OK too.

As for our cats, all of our adult cats are participating in this campaign. Our cats are indoor-only cats. Some are bonded pairs and some may have special needs. Some are happy to live with small children, other cats or dogs, while this doesn’t suit others. We’ll consider all of these factors when we perform our cat-matching magic.

How our Purrfect Match approach works

Once we’ve found a cat we think could be your purrfect match, you will become their foster carer. Cat People of Melbourne will provide you with ongoing support and advice from our experienced carers through a Facebook chat group. We can also give you basic supplies to get you going, if you need them – things like bedding, a carrier, some toys and a starting pack of food.

You can then foster your cat match for 2 to 8 weeks, or until you find that they’ve grabbed your heart and you don’t want to let them go.

However, on the chance this doesn’t end up happening, you can return the cat to us. You can do this if you find you’re no longer able to foster or care for the cat for any reason. This applies to all of our fostered and adopted cats – we only want the best for them.

Ready to meet your purrfect match?

If you’re ready to jump into the cat dating pool, take a look at our eligible felines on the PetRescue website. If you see a cat – or a few! – that could be a potential match for you or you’d like to find out more about our cat-matching service, get in touch with us via PetRescue.

You can also just contact us via our website or email us at and we can match you with one of our lovely cats.

We’ll chat with you to understand your individual circumstances and go through our Purrfect Match process in more detail.

What are you waiting for? Let us help you find your purrfect match today!